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Today Is A Better Tomorrow

Assalamualaikum and yo reader! 2010 is the best year ever. In 2010, I've been taller. 159cm to 165cm. I also joined Facebook in 2010, haha. I create this blog in 2010. I fell my very first love in 2010. I lost my phone in 2010 xD. I improve my football skill in 2010 (not pro)xD. And much more I do in 2010! I just hope 2011 will be better than 2010. I hate leaving 2010 because I become older and Math subject will be totally difficult! Not just Math, but the other subjects too! Damn it! But, I so excited to take the challenge. And in 2011, I'll create my Twitter :D. Happy new year guys, And I hope you guys have a better tomorrow. Not just tomorrow, forever. :D
Firdaus Mazlan


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